Mortgage Fund

Investment Objectives

To protect our investors’ capital, and generate a monthly dividend by investing in private mortgage investments.

Since operations commenced in 2009 we have provided investors the opportunity to invest in private mortgage investments that are selected and approved by the fund manager.  Our fund invests in a diversified portfolio of private mortgage investments that mature within two years, or less, and consist primarily of construction and development financing, equity take out and bridge financing transactions.  These transactions are secured directly by land, multifamily residential, single family residential, office, retail, industrial and hospitality properties located primarily in western Canada.


Strong corporate governance is foundational to KV Mortgage Fund’s success in delivering on its dual mandate of preserving investor capital and generating monthly income.  We therefore strive to be a leader in our adoption of and adherence to corporate governance best practices.  With a board and lending review committee comprised of an independent majority, the Fund and its investors benefit from a decision making process marked by professional rigour, and which balances independent oversight with the expertise of professional management.

Operating Statistics

KV Mortgage Fund Operating Statistics (as of February 2018):

$24M in dividends declared and paid since inception

0 missed monthly dividends since 2009

$0 corporate tax paid since inception

Realized losses less than 0.2% as a percentage of total funds advanced


IRR since inception


Assets under management


Weighted average loan to value

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