KV Private Equity

KV Private Equity provides succession and growth solutions to business owners and entrepreneurs. Business owners who have a great business but are not sure how to “get out” or grow their business have benefitted directly from our capital, but more importantly, our collaborative problem solving and strategic and financial insight. We provide you with solutions that are local, versatile and transparent to efficiently and effectively solve your challenges about what to do next.

We’re Western Canadian Entrepreneurs.

We might be business professionals, but we wear jeans to work. Not afraid to get our hands dirty on a plant floor, we’re entrepreneurs who support our partners. We meet you where you’re at, offering you experienced advice and expertise that improve business values.

We’re Versatile.

Whether you’re looking for a partner, to exit your business, or to preserve your legacy, we’re flexible when it comes to your goals and strategies. Our versatility gives you an optimal structure that easily adapts to your objectives.

We’re Transparent

We are transparent in everything we do. Our process is designed to be clear, simple, and efficient, effectively minimizing any disruptions to you, your employees, or your business.